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Dan Whittaker is an award-winning photojournalist, videographer, storm chaser, and aerial videographer. His photography focuses on wildlife, nature and the atmosphere, in hopes of promoting land conservation and awareness of nature. He has spent his life traveling around the world, following extreme weather while visiting unique ecosystems and landscapes. His determination to continue learning keeps him at the cutting edge of photography with concentrations of aerial, digital blending, time-lapse, and motorized camera movements. Dan is a FAA certified remote pilot, and meets all of the requirements for commercial aerial/drone photography.

Dan is also the owner of, and his video documentation of storms is often aired on many major U.S. news TV networks. Dan's footage has been used by the Discovery Channel and for commercials. His images have been published by National Geographic, Our State Magazine, in the educational book "The Anatomy of Severe Weather", by the US State Department, and the Nature Conservancy of North Carolina. Dan has been a photographer for the Piedmont Land Conservancy and currently performs photography assignments for VisitNC.

Dan comes from a long line of weather and radar scientists including Cleveland Abbe, who is considered America’s first weather forecaster and ‘Father of the Weather Bureau’. He currently teaches multimedia and photography at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, North Carolina, and he enjoys giving presentations and personal lessons. Contact Dan for any inquiries about speaking engagements, workshops, or personal lessons.

"My goal is to explore and document the beautiful reality of the world through pictures and video, in hopes of promoting conservation and preservation of this fascinating land that humans are fortunate to call home." Dan Whittaker 

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